Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Spekwon (@spekwon) is a producer/ songwriter/rapper/artist born and raised in the Rexdale area of Toronto, ON. He released his debut single in 2009 called “HipLife”, and shortly after he released his mixtape “Premo Donna” in 2010. During this time he was also in a hip hop collective called 88 Days of Fortune. In 2015 he released his second album “Sofa King Amazing” with the hit single “Black Body” feat. Shi Wisdom. This song brought light to the reoccurring police violence against blacks in Canada and the US, and the video was nominated for the 2016 Prism Prize. .

He represents his Ghanaian descent in this video for his most recent single “Indome Mafia”. Vibe with this smooth hip hop groove and start your Monday off right !



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