Salin Cheewapansri

Updated: Jan 25

Salin Cheewapansri (@salin_music) is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Montreal, QC. Her style ranges from Funk to Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop & Jazz, Rock, Soul, & Electronic Music with a funky twist. She went from busking in the streets to playing at clubs, working as a studio drummer and numerous festivals internationally. Her most recent achievement was performing at the Polaris Music Awards 2019 alongside Dominique Fils-Aimé. Her first full-length album “Cosmic Island” is set to be released this year. Checkout her latest single release called “In Tune With The Moon” feat. Sarah MK...a nice Prince like vibe that will have you wanting to get on the dance floor!



Listen to Salin groove out and watch her instrumentalist skills in this little snippet. Catch the vibe !



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