Joe Harry (4th Metric Music)

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Joe Harry (@4thmetricmusic) is a talented musician from Toronto, ON, and founder of 4th Metric Music. The name 4th Metric is derived from a standard of measurement where 3 events establish a pattern, and the “4th metric” is the missing element that completes that pattern. Crafting a sound that is a flavorful melting pot of blues, reggae, calypso, gospel, jazz, ska, pop, and salsa, diversity is 4th Metric’s personal stamp.


The Canadian-born multi-instrumentalist discovered music at the age of 5, and has been focused and dedicated to the craft since. Raised on a farm on the Caribbean island of Dominica, music was often a form of entertainment to pass the time. Joe’s passion for music as a child only grew as his father taught him to play different instruments. He became most skilled at the bass guitar, but is also quite proficient at acoustic and electric guitar. Singing in the churches of Dominica as a young boy and later as an adult in Toronto, creating music that connects with the soul of his listeners has been a part of his performance style from the beginning.


He has had the opportunity to connect and play with multi-Grammy Award winners, Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey, at a Bass and Nature camp in Nashville, TN in 2012. During his time in Nashville, he not only had the opportunity to meet these legends, but also to attend workshops that honed his skills and reaffirmed to him that he was on the right track in pursuing his dreams. 4th Metric has also participated in various performances including diversity festivals, performing with different bands and playing bass as well as singing with Juno award winner, Sonia Collymore.


Checkout his amazing bass skills, while he jams out to a Fred Hammond track (which he also played the backing tracks). Feel the groove! 😌



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